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11 Useful Tips To Obtain The Best Ui Design

We all know that great UI (user interface) design is the key to reach success, but how to practice is not easy. If your business is having the intention of possessing a mobile sales app, you have to determine the best mobile app builder to establish sustainable brand basing on development in the mobile e-commerce experience that your app offers. After that, you also need to utilize marketing channel suggested social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,…) to spread the influence of your app.

How to get the best UI design

Do not be overwhelmed by a bunch of app builders and platforms, but be aware of one of the most important things to the success of your business: the best UI design. As its name implies, UI design should solve the needs of target users. It may sound easy from the start, but to obtain the best UI design, it is not simple. Here is the list of 11 pro tips that may help your business stand at the top level and attract a tremendous number of customers.

Ready to get the best UI design?

1.Identify the end goal

You need to determine the objective of the interface that you are designing. Imagine that an investor wants to find out financial information about your company, you need to mitigate the friction for them to reach the goal. Task-driven interaction is obviously the objective of creating something more innovative.

2.Intuitive is the best

Be intuitive to get the best UI design

The best UI design should focus on the dialed-in creative navigation concept. Users want the direction and flow which are delivered intuitively without trying to figure out by themselves. Honestly, how to surprise a user is certainly part of the experience and can pay off in user retention.

3.The best UI design: limitedly smart

It is certain that surprising the users is the job of the creative concept, but the interface must be intuitive. The best design is the one that can surprise the users in the most positive way – being smart and predicting input basing on your previous likes and dislikes, or even through such things as input error corrections.

4.Focus on the context

The three top tips for the best UI design are so simple: Context, context, and context. Understand what people really want to achieve as well as where they will be and in what mode. Banking on the bus to the shops is not the same as banking on a desktop at work.

5.Draw the bigger picture

Suppose that you are looking out of a window onto a mountain view, what can you see? You can totally see what is above, below and to the sides of it because you have a mental model of a mountain scene in your memory. The best UI design should be a window directed to an unknown world, then you have to help users to formulate a mental model of the parts that they can not see.

6.Back to basics

Basic UI design

To get the best UI design, you need to understand profoundly the user’s primary needs and features and scrape away the excess. Whether you build your app on iPhone devices or Android apps, you still need to find out the suitable size layouts to suit each corresponding device and platform as well: it’s painful to recreate assets that were not accounted for when the client adds a larger retina or tablet version of the project.

7.Distribute value

Deeply comprehend the value that the users are supposed to derive from the best UI design and why such value is important for them. Kick start with an apparent mental model supporting the value proposition and find some early wins when a user can accomplish something. Be wise to design ways to get them there quickly and reward them.

8.Do not play hard to get the best UI design

It must not end up with the hunt for functionality. The design patterns that have proven to work for us can be used over and over again until there is the better technical solution out there – or Facebook goes and changes its rules yet again.

9.Reward your mobile users

Reward users to get the best UI design

It does not subvert the mental model because the sole thing that holds it together is consistency across all views. And what it pay for is the surprise brought to a user when they do something right. Actually, the positive re-enforcement solidifies the model and serves to create the affinity between the interface and user.

10.Solve a specific problem

Do not strive to reinvent the wheel. If a user needs to pick items from a list, there are so many ways for them to do so – checkboxes, for example. And remember not to invent something new just to be different from others: Use established method and move on. Creativity is about problem solving, not about being cool.

11.Stay focused always

In getting the best UI design, you can avoid losing focus on the project by asking yourself a series of questions relating to the project: Who will take your mobile sales app once it is done? What environment should it be in? What tool will they interact with and how will this affect the design?Most importantly, what information or experiences do users want to gain from interacting with your project?

Final thoughts,

According to the above helpful 11 tips, hopefully, you can utilize all of them to apply for your mobile shopping app so that it can possess the best UI design.

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