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3 Successful Cases Of Using Mobile Shopping App For Business

The future of the Retail Industry depends on the innovation of technology. Nowadays, with the constant advancement of cutting-edge technologies,  traditional commerce is fading in thin air with the arrival of m-commerce and e-commerce. With the growing number of handheld mobile device users, so many e-commerce retailers are keeping up with the times and are serving up mobile shopping app to mobile users. If ten years ago, the term “mobile shopping app” meant very little to commerce companies, today owning a mobile shopping app is not solely for big name brands like Walmart or Amazon, more and more small and midsize businesses own one.

The retail industry is split into two main fronts: physical store, which are quickly becoming obsolete, and online stores, which are dominating the scene. So today I’d like to talk 3 case studies about companies successfully used mobile shopping app in combination with business, and the reason why they building it for their own company.

Empire Loan uses mobile shopping app as  a marketing and lead generation tool

First off, no matter whether you are selling flowers or spa services, your customers need the simplest way to reach you. Nowadays, so many companies are benefiting from mobile shopping app by creating new markets or new products to sell to their current market.


Empire Loan is a typical example about creating a new way to interact to their customers through a mobile shopping app. Empire Loan has a chain of pawn shops that people can buy and sell merchandise in. Like a traditional pawn shops, customers bring in items that they would like to sell to the pawn shop so that Empire Loan can then resell the items. In order to increase engagement with their customers, they created a mobile shopping app that allows users to take pictures of items that they would like to sell and send those pictures to the nearest Empire Loan pawn shop. If Empire Loan is interested in buying it, a customer service rep will then respond with a quote and ask the user to bring the item into the store.

Lazada launched a mobile shopping app after appearing on the market only 1 year

After appearing on the market, Lazada, the largest online shopping mall in Southeast Asia already established leading positions and got over 1 million orders. To maintain their customer experience, this company always focus and invests heavily in providing its customers superior services. This result showed that more than 90% of all orders are shipped the same day.

However, to further increase customer satisfaction the company used a large number of their capital to optimize its fulfillment infrastructure. Launching a mobile shopping app is a first their step of this strategy.

Lazada-launched-a-mobile-shopping-app-after-appearing-on-the market

Fully optimized for iOS 7 or Android, the apps offers an easy-to-use interface, enhanced search capabilities and to browse and shop more conveniently. By using the app, mobile and tablet user easily access to a vast array of products, including consumer electronics, gadgets, apparel, shoes and accessories with more than 70,000 products from 14 categories. Besides, the app has some advanced functions such as exclusive discount codes and notifications about special deals.

“Driven by the explosive development of low-cost smartphones and tablets, we are witnessing technology leapfrogging in the region. Lazada’s mobile traffic has more than tripled in the last 12 months and already delivers a significant share of our revenues,” says Maximilian Bittner, CEO of the Lazada Group. “We believe that m-Commerce is the future of online shopping. We have learnt that the customers’ needs and the great convenience mobile offers — that is why we are now launching our new app for iOS and Android.”

Wallmart launches a mobile shopping app with robotic pickup system

The world’s largest public corporation, Walmart, has made “lowest prices anytime” part of its value since it opened in the 1960s. However, offering a “best price” to customers  isn’t a new concept. In order to be a leader market in the retail industry, Walmart wants to have not only a strategy of price but furthermore a heavier marketing strategy especially is mobile marketing.  In fact, they created a movement by paving the for a new era in mobile commerce.


Recently, Walmart launches new technology that the key feature aimed at keeping Walmart shoppers buying from Walmart, even when what they aren’t in the store. They took a huge step forward for the retail industry by updating the app in a way that connects the realm of in-store shopping with the online retail experience. Their mobile shopping app is providing a new type of mobile experience with useful features: Customer can make a list by speaking into the phone. After searching a product, the app will show them what aisle to go to. It has an interactive map and shows them promotions specific to that store. Perhaps most importantly, the app lets customer easily buy an item online that they don’t find in the store. For example, if they’re shopping for a pink bike, and the store they’re in only has it in blue, they can tap on the app and instantly order the pink bike.

The result: after Walmart launched their mobile shopping app, more than 30 percent of Walmart’s online traffic to come via mobile devices through this app this quarter, which is about three times what it was last year.


With the mobile commerce is becoming a popular trend now, it is most essence for any and every business to develop mobile shopping app to promote their products and services. Owning a mobile shopping app is the way all communication is headed today and so embracing this technology is guaranteed to produce the good results for your business

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