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Crack the Maze: Increase e-commerce sales with mobile app

So I was on Quora and saw a question about how to increase e-commerce sales. After a while of reading, I found many answers above very brilliant in general but they are not as specific as I expected (if I were the one who asked the question). So I decided to compose my own answer for this problem. In this, I’ll focus on One solution that I think is very effective to increase e-commerce sales: Expand the marketplace to mobile and make the most of it.

First, we answer the 2 questions: Why expanding the marketplace to mobile and what is the most sensible way to do it?

Well, It is undeniable that people are using mobile more often than ever. Of course, at the moment they mostly use mobile for seeking information and come back later on the desktop to purchase the items (source). But the dollars they spend on mobile are still too substantial to be ignored and in the long run, it is going to surpass desktop’s spending. So, investing in mobile means you are not only improving current sales status but also future of your business. Moreover, mobile commerce in general and mobile marketing specifically have some outstanding features to help you engage more with the customer, hence bigger sale figures.

So, what is the best way to put yourself on mobile? There are several ways to go mobile for an e-commerce business. The first and most simple way is designing a mobile version for your e-commerce website or apply a responsive design to the website. This way, internet user could have an acceptable experience when they visit your website through a smartphone or a tablet. But I would really recommend the second way: build a native mobile app. Native apps help you communicate with the customer better since they don’t need a stable internet connection to interact with your mobile store. Moreover, the ability to push notification in real time is also very helpful whenever you run a sale-off campaign.

I have already written an article about this, you can find it at https://goo.gl/czts6n

Second, I’m gonna talk about Up-selling – a very effective strategy to increase sales on mobile

Mobile apps is a perfect tool for up-selling.

Up-selling and cross-selling commonly cause a little confusion. There’re some differences between them: Up-selling is the action of encouraging customers to spend more by recommending the customer for a higher priced alternative to the item currently considering while Cross-selling is the action of inviting customers to buy related or complementary items. There are 2 keys for Up-selling:

  • Key 1: Making your up-sells related to the original product – offering customers highest-end product automatically without listening to their interests is likely to turn lots of customer off.
  • Key 2: Being sensitive to the price range! The new product must really be better than the original. One thing fades the anchor price in their mind and makes them instantly enthusiastic.

Sounds easy, right? Let’s do it. You can try some ways such as up-selling accessories or up-selling features. You can find out more about these methods at this article: https://goo.gl/MsOXPB

Last but not least, some small tips for make the most of the mobile commerce.

  • Sending marketing message with relevant, valuable content: Increase engagement and retention of customers by sending them relevant, valuable messages. These messages could include new products, “most recent purchase”,…
  • Reward programs: It’s easier to make your previous customers buy again than convince new ones to purchase. Reward programs on mobile apps are necessary to retain customers and increase sales on mobile apps.
  • Encourage social share to improve customer’s awareness: You could encourage your customers to share your content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,…
  • App Store Optimisation: You should optimize your mobile apps on Google Play and App Store to appear on the top result page.

For more details about those tips, read this article: https://goo.gl/IwKt6i

That’s it, hope my answer could help you guys 🙂

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