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How to create a mobile app without wasting time – what ‘s the solution?

Nowadays, more and more brands are taking advantage of the mobile shopping app. Little guy store owners and companies are getting rich as well. Utilizing a mobile app for business is an essential part of any businesses. However, having a fact to accept that you might be tricked into thinking it requires lots of money, time or effort to create a mobile app. App entrepreneurs always look to cut down the costs to create a mobile app while still ensure the good quality. Look at the bellow infographic. It will outline some things of mobile app development process you must know.

infographic - create a mobile app

So what is the solution to create a mobile app without wasting time?

When it comes to creating mobile app, the amount of money and time to be spent entirely depends on the type of app store owners and companies want to create. Maybe the most important part is the platform you choose to create a mobile app.

While being buried in a dozen of choice and hundreds of question about how to create a mobile app, it is recommended that you should utilize Magento platform for building an app, specifically Simicart solution when your app are building on. Before diving into the procedure to create a mobile app, please keep an eye on the following information.

    Why’s Simicart?

First of all, Simicart is launched with the purpose of providing an optimal solution for any online business to build mobile shopping app what is full of best functions and characteristics. Requiring no coding skills, and the most important part is you aren’t take up with too much and effort.

Step by step with in 10 minutes to create a mobile app taking use of Simicart base

simicart 4 steps to create a mobile app

As said above, Simicart is the most simple e-commerce solution that any e-commerce business should take to create a mobile app. Actually, just with only 4 steps, you can totally have your owning app and gain popularity as well as higher business revenue from mobile users. Keep following the instruction below to know more

First off, access this address www.simicart.com and then click on tab “How it work”. In the next step, click on button “Yes, let me in!” at the end of this page.

Step 1: App Information

Fill in all the box with necessary information including name, color theme, icon, logo… Be sure to fill in all the blank boxes.

Step 2. Install connector

After providing enough essential information, going to next step, find connector and all

plugins you purchased as well as your user guide how to convert Magento to mobile app. Please keep following these guides to install and configure your app.

Step 3. Build App

Now, it’s the time you can start building your app. Simicart allows you to test on mobile devices first so the app in this step is called test app. If you are not satisfied with this version, go back to step 2 to rebuild other better one.

Step 4. Publish App

This is the final step! Publish your app to Apple store and/or Google Play. It may take Google 2 days and Apple 10 days to approve your apps. When the app is approved, your customers can download it and instantly use it for shopping

WOA! SO GREAT! All of them take you about 10 minutes to finish.

When I mention the phrase stop wasting time”, what comes to your mind?

I hope that all of these can explain that why it stops wasting time. Do not hesitate to consider this great solution to turn your store into mobile shopping app.

So the first thing instantly comes to your mind when you intend to create a mobile app – Simicart

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