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Best Mobile Shopping Apps for holiday discounts and deals

Phones and shopping. Are they the best combination for bargain hunting, eh?

You no longer have to run from store to store comparing prices, or wonder if the hot deal you’re looking at might not be as hot as the one offered across the street. Use these best mobile shopping apps to make sure you’re walking out the store with the very best deal.

Now, let’s explore these best mobile shopping apps!

eBay – The best mobile shopping apps for Shopaholics


The first app is also the best mobile shopping app. Nowadays, installing eBay on your phone is similar to owning the gate to access the largest shopping mall. You can buy from a wide range of available products all over the world. Everyday eBay offer their customer via the shopping app daily discount deals. Also, do not forget to check it.

Like what the website does, eBay Mobile shopping app lets you sell a product off if you no longer want to use. All deals are based on auction.

Groupon – The best mobile shopping apps for deals


Top 5 free shopping apps To Provide You With The Best Deals

The mobile shopping apps bring you fresh local deals with real-time discounts every day. The apps let you purchase and redeem and easily track your coupons by expiration date and location to enjoy the lower prices without going through the pain of bargaining. They can give you the ultimate best deals, help you save up to 70% for whatever you’re looking for.

Target – The best retail shopping apps for creating price-list alert

With Target, you can create a product Target Lists to stay alert with its pricing. Build your shopping list by adding items quickly with smart suggestions or launch the barcode scanner to add items as you run out. You can get special offers, buy a product using Gift Cards and redeem coupons right from your phone. The new deal finder shows you in-store offers for items on your shopping list.

BuyVia – The best mobile shopping apps for price comparing on both online and local stores 



The app comes with Barcode scanner, UPC and BuyVia search features. They will only deal you want.  Users can customize a shopping alert to receive notification when its price falls. The apps deliver more than 100,000 coupons from businesses nationwide. From shopping promotion deals to fast food coupons, BuyVia combines in-store and online discount coupons, price comparison, clearance sales within an app.

 Google Shopper – The best mobile shopping apps owned by Google

Google Shopper provides information including prices, reviews, videos and more of millions of products. You can use via barcode or search by voice/text search or even cover art. You can easily make the best purchasing decision by comparing prices in different online stores.

Google recently have added an online order tracking feature that syncs with your Gmail account. Besides, Google also recommend user download Google Wallet is a their product too. Google Wallet enables you to send money to other people’s Gmail accounts. Will this online billing solution, they increase customer experience and made their e-commerce system become more useful.

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