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Mobile sales apps: How ’re they successful due to using it (p2)???


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Improving your business process can be a challenging experience. To indicate you a few successful case-studies of using mobile sales apps for their business process I complied these series. This article is the second part. If you haven’t yet read the first part, be sure to read How ’re they successful due to using mobile sales apps (part 1)??? before reading this part. Now, let’s continue to explore!

Illumis Lights use mobile sales apps to create high quality and accurate product catalogues


Illumis Lights headquarters in Singapore is a company specially designs, manufactures and sells quality LED lighting fixtures to private label customers and commercial buyers worldwide. Illumis Lights product catalogue offers a wide variety of fixtures, including car park lighting, panel lights, street lights and recessed downlights.

The goal – to provide up-to-date product and pricing data

mobile-sales-apps-illumis-lightsThe Illumis Lights ‘s website already had a detailed product database and online product selector tool. They wanted to present pricing information to their various clients while still maintaining the confidentiality of channel and wholesale price agreements. They also wanted to be able to quickly change product and pricing information and then communicate that to their agents, distributors and customers. Each store that was sold to also had specific product needs that had to be catered to.

Therefore, mobile sales apps are the solution to easily update product update and generate price list

The mobile apps can allow their customer create the Bulk Product Uploader feature for with a large product database that changes on a regular basis. Just downloading a Microsoft Excel product data sheet, customers can add all of the relevant product information into one document (including images). All of the product information is ready for immediate use once imported. As an initial solution, product and pricing updates are done centrally by an administrator. Then an up-to-date PDF catalogue and price list is then generated that can be shared with the agents and distributors by email.

“We pride ourselves on promising exceptional value, attentive customer service and premium quality products. The system allows us to update product and pricing information and to generate a new catalogue with a single mouse click.” Ellis Maginn, Business Development Manager at Illumis Lights said,

In conclusion, with mobile sales apps Illumis Lights can update large amounts of product and pricing information easily. All the data can be downloaded as a high-quality PDF document to send to agents and distributors, ensuring that they always have the latest information at hand.

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Fowler Oldfield us mobile sales apps to generate a customer self-service ordering system


An icon in the jewellery community in the UK, Fowler Oldfield has been going strong since 1897 when Henry and Sydney Fowler Oldfield started up a simple jeweller’s stall in Bradford. Today, Fowler Oldfield continues to be the go-to jewellery supplier for more than 500 retail businesses worldwide.

The requirement – allow customers to place orders themselves using a mobile app

The company wanted to provide apps could allow jewellers to comfortably browse products electronically in a retail setting without ever needing to use paper catalogues again. This would allow jewellers to sell Fowler Oldfield products even if they didn’t have it in stock – a way both to reduce inventory costs for jewellers and increase sales. In addition, the app needed to allow the jeweller to place orders with Fowler Oldfield so that products catching a customer’s eye could immediately be requested.

Fowler Oldfield ‘s mobile sales apps – A customer self-service ordering system

With their mobile sales apps, their customers visiting jewellery stmobile-sales-Fowler-Oldfieldapps-ores can now browse products, whether they are currently in stock or not, in a retail environment. They can also use the app to immediately place orders with Fowler Oldfield for the desired items. This helps the jeweller save on inventory costs. The apps also ensure that their customer order correctly by showing them the most updated information on hand. The product itself is eco-friendly since the process of uploading, showcasing and ordering products is done entirely on mobile devices and requires no printing or paper catalogues. “The Jeweller’s Pad” has been created to update automatically whenever new products and features are added. This saves time as well as ensures that customers get to select the products that are available. Those using the mobile apps have the ability to assign different prices to different customers depending on whether they are retail or wholesale. A powerful search and filter function saves customers even more time when looking for the exact products that they need.

“Using the apps is the nearest option we found to having a bespoke app. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and they are very quick to help with problems.” As Daniel Rawson, Chief Executive at Fowler Oldfield said


The information you can learn from these series that mobile sales apps will help you to optimize your sales and marketing materials by increasing sales and ultimately making you more money. In many organizations, mobile sales apps have become nearly synonymous with business innovation. In a survey commissioned by Appirio of 400 ITin the United States and the United Kingdom, 64% said their organizations were building mobile apps for customers and partners. The reasons for building mobile sales apps are obvious.

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