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How to Leverage the power of Mobile Inbound Marketing

The mobile app market is becoming too crowded! With over a million apps available it’s natural to look around for the ways to stand out in the sea of apps. Many companies are now paying so much advertising dollars in numerous paid channels for boosting downloads. Others seem to be smarter when they create a mobile app without spending a penny to promote mobile app. It’s desirable to generate momentum in this way. Mobile Inbound Marketing. The very word makes some of us cringe these days. Everywhere you look in the marketing world, you see signs of it – mobile Inbound Marketing this, mobile inbound Marketing that… Is it just me, or is it a bit overkill?

It is a really interesting process to create a mobile app! Starting it by answering the question “how to create a mobile app” and then solve the big problems – operating it smoothly and effectively. Some companies get an almost certain route to failure because they didn’t spent money on product iteration and finding product/market fit or invest for mobile app UX design. So it’s time to find a right mobile marketing strategy! Let’s take what you love about mobile inbound marketing and go mobile inbound marketing!

Mobile Inbound Marketing with being social

be social is the best way of mobile inbound marketing

Nowadays, we’re always shocked when a company doesn’t have any social account for their mobile app. When it comes to mobile inbound marketing, social is just what we do as humans. “Social” is now a part of life. We are on the bus and surf Facebook, we Instagram our lunches and tweet while we are drinking coffee at Starbucks. These days, to be mobile is to be social. Make sure that you brand is wrapping social’s leaders. For examples, Nike create mobile apps and run a Twitter-focused experiment to introduce the newly launched app. Proactively share their content likely consumers are sharing their athletic activities on Twitter. The results astounded them: Over three clicks per outbound Tweet, the double of the positive ratings and many downloads from this Twitter campaign compared to traditional paid channel. What such an excellent mobile inbound marketing campaign!

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App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimizing for Mobile Inbound Marketing

Consumers generally surf and search for apps from the app store. As such, making sure that you’ve optimized your app store presence is absolutely crucial. Remember essential principles to get more found organically.

  • Should contain both branding and keywords in page title and app title to help app stores figure out what your app does and where to list it
  • Be explicit, clear and highlight user benefits in the fold Content and app Description
  • Use a compelling and memorable icon
  • Link Building for your mobile app. Marketers should build a microsite that contains a micro-blog to drive, traffic to your app’s product page in app stores and showcase what it can do.

Words are good, videos are great for mobile inbound marketing

If you create a mobile app, get used by creating short videos about how to use your app, what its benefits are and what a typical use case might be. People love videos, especially short videos so if you can a video that is informative and entertaining, you might be really on to something. However, it doesn’t mean that all of your videos are going to get shared and go viral, but if you make it worth sharing, you can receive an astounded result.

use video for mobile inbound marketing

Listen to your early customers for feedback

Companies using their in-app feedback and communications tools service regularly tell us about receive the victories that come out of their customer interactions. When you create a mobile app, your job is to figure out what you can do, what you missed on and how you can improve.

The best way to do so is by listening to your customers and engaging with them as you make it up-to-date. When it comes to creating evangelists who will share your app with others. Nothing is better than being responsive and engaging. Anonymous customers become trusted advisors and advocates when you make it easy for them to give you feedback, without the hassle. So build branding is the business of building evangelists and promoters. It is maybe difficult but possible!

So, mobile inbound marketing

…will a term we will all hear a lot in the next several years. As big and as fast as this opportunity is growing, the mobile apps industry could benefit from any great mobile inbound marketing idea. Let your mobile strategy go mobile inbound marketing!


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