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Mobile sales apps: How’re they successful due to using it (part 1)???

Now, it can be easily noticed that all most of companies interact with in your everyday life have their own dedicated mobile sales apps — be it the coffee shop or the beauty spa downtown. It seems that the trend toward consumers making purchases via a mobile app is rocketing. In our recent post, we have indicated you Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Sales Apps, and today, we will show you a few case – studies how are companies successful due to using mobile sales apps. Read now to explore it!

Sarafino uses mobile sales apps as an all-inclusive order-taking system


Sarafino is a small importing and distribution company that deals only in natural and artisanal products like tomatoes, chocolate, herbs sea salt, olive oil and more… In this case, we will explore the way how mobile sales apps help Sarafino to reduce sample sending by 75% and eliminate the time previously spent on updating pricing lists

Two issues what they meet without mobile sales apps


The first was regarding the process they were using to update their product pricing list. Every time a change had to be made, it required many hours of reformatting. It then had to be sent to the entire sales staff to ensure that everyone remained up to date. This process was time wasting.

The second problem was regard to samples being sent out to their customers. “We were sending actual physical product samples for our customers could see what the packaging looked like.” – Heather Cotie, Sales Manager said. We can see a costly endeavor to maintain it!

However, since Sarafino started using mobile sales apps they have seen not only a solution to improve all above matters but also a significant increase in people interested in purchasing online their products.

How do Mobile sales apps help Sarafino???

First off, this mobile app could help them to suit their unique needs, meet the requirements of their customers and start improving their sales process. Customers needed to be able to get the information quickly, instead there was friction caused by an unorganized system and the apps is the perfectly undeniable solution.

With these mobile sales app, Sarafino could provide their customer an interface with  single documents that contain photos, descriptions and pricing all-in-one. Placing all of the information in one place removes many steps from the buying process. The fewer steps there are, the less likely it will be that a customer will lose interest. Using the sales app is also solving other problems for them. As Heather explains: “The inability to read other people’s handwriting is now eliminated since moving over to electronic ordering. Customers are now also able to see how much their orders will amount to before finalizing the payment and a consistent format for submitting orders to head office has been created.”

Level Ground Trading use mobile sales apps to improve the lives of disadvantaged producers


Level Ground Trading formed in 1997 with a vision to improve the lives of disadvantaged producers through the use of trade. These producers now have the ability to provide better through production and distribution of locally produced organic products to countries worldwide.

What are the problems of Level Ground Trading?

Level-Ground-TradingLevel Ground Trading is one of leading company on keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible. They reuse empty packaging for upcycling projects, pay their employees to ride bikes or use the bus or a carpool to work. Upholding these values is very important to the company, so they need a way to grow productivity and increase efficiency without losing what makes Level Ground Trading special in the first place. How could they reduce the number of steps that sales representatives take when placing a client’s order? How could they shorten the time it takes to place an order and get the order to head office without sacrificing clarity and conciseness?

The solution is to use mobile sales apps as an electronic ordering system

With their mobile sales apps, their customers instead write down the order and then call it into the main office, it is now simply entered directly onto the sales app. The button to ‘send’ is pressed, and the admin staff at main office receives the order in the form of an email with all of the applicable details. This is immediately ready to be entered into the company’s own customer management system. This process ensures that data-entry time is cut in half and that the margin for error is as small as possible.

Laurie Klassen, co-founder of the company says that “The mobile sales apps allow us to generate orders electronically that are easily entered into our own customer management system. Admin staff can view orders in a clear and concise way, which increases our sales staff’s efficiency. The app eliminates a time-consuming step for our sales reps because they can enter orders directly onto the app whilst on the road. The app has cut our data entry time nearly in half.”

To be continued…

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