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Promote mobile app: 9 creative ways to get your users for free

In the harsh competition to get customer’s attraction, more and more entrepreneurs pay so much advertising dollars to get it. That doesn’t make sense! If you have a scarce budget, building a mobile app answer the question not only “how to create a mobile app without burning and wasting time” but also “how to promote mobile app for free”. I had a chance to meet some app entrepreneurs who Create a mobile app without spending a penny to promote mobile app. Some of them have made use of press publicity and generated lots of buzz on social media.

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How did they do and what’s more? These are 12 ways out there to promote mobile app for free. Let’s look at and utilize them to get your users and promote mobile app more and more effectively.

Build a website with particular function to promote mobile app

build a website to promote mobile app

  1. Build a microsite. Creating a microsite (it is maybe one separate landing page or one page on your website) showcases your app to the potential audience.
  2. Build a teaser website.Do this two months or more before launching your mobile app to collect all email address of people who are interesting in knowing more about your mobile app.
  3. Start a blog.Attach it to your microsite to promote mobile app. Write interesting content what is relevant and related to your app that will attract more people to download and use your mobile app, increase and remain loyal customer.Simicart – a Magento mobile app builder does this really effectively with Simicart Blog

Use Social Networks to promote mobile app without spending a money

use social media network to promote mobile app

  1. Post on Pinterest. Create content on your Pinterest board with blog images, infographics and visual content from your app. You can even use happy customer photos or hold contests.
  2. Create a Facebook group.Create a group of people who have common interests related to your app. If your app server for a purpose what is quite popular, for example, customer relationship management app. They can meet, socialize and discuss it regularly. This is the best way to promote mobile app with the multiplier effects in communities
  3. Integrate social within the app.This will make it allow users to share with others via social network. For examples, Runkeeper is an app that tracks and records your runs and provides data on distance covered, calories burned,… Besides, it allows users to share on their social networks each time they work out.

Utilize Email Marketing as a channel to promote mobile app

utilize email marketing to promote mobile app

  1. Take advantage of voicemail.Use your phone’s voicemail recording as a creative way and a breakthrough to promote mobile app
  2. Optimize your email signature.Provide some valuable information with the description about your app with the link to download it in your email signature.

9. Final and be most important!

Outstanding customer service is the best way to promote mobile app

Everyone talks about customer service, but all of companies can understand the gravity and importance of it or even the right way to do it. So, always keep in your mind that customer support is the very rare opportunity to connect to your customers and promote mobile app on an emotional level. Can you carry this attitude while building your mobile app and servicing your customers?

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